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Deep Twitter Thoughts—-How Would You Spend Twitter’s $100 million?

Yahoo is spending $100 million on an ad campaign. It should spend the money on a documentary to teach brands how to piss money away and ignore your customers.

Now Twitter has $100 million. Maybe…

New Post - ‘Deep Twitter Thoughts…How would YOU spend Twitter’s $twit $100 million’ http://bit.ly/mp2tX

RT @HamzeiAnalytics $$ Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits on Grooveshark: http://tinysong.com/6Uh8

RT @theEquilibrium The Best of Chart.ly’s Weekend Charts - 9/27/09 http://bit.ly/15tiQl The TA gang gets bigger and better $$

http://bit.ly/k3S1h that is one of the most gorgeous rainbow trouts I have ever seen and I have caught hundreds

RT @cperruna 100 Stock Tweets Since August http://bit.ly/jgx2Z he is a must read for tape reading and marlet direction at least $$

Just finished the stockcamp panel and speaker list. lots of new stuff to show off and @nasdaq will be a fantastic host. Great location. $$

RT @cperruna Based on my daily chart analysis http://bit.ly/jgx2Z, the NASDAQ has another 12% to drop (close a gap). $$

I am looking for a non jew to tweet for me tomorrow while I attone. Please apply…