Ctrip is the Priceline of China, especially now that Priceline has pumped $500 million into the company. In this episode of Doodling Howard, I use ChartIQ to look at the history of the stock and dive into its break out a few weeks ago.

Ultimately, I think Ctrip is a winner in China. If you’re going to invest, just keep in mind it’s a pretty volatile stock.

I’m starting a new educational yet irreverent video series I’m calling “Doodling Howard,” where I doodle on stock charts to make sense of them.

First up, Whole Foods. Whole Foods is one of those 100 year brands.  It’s never a smooth ride in this lower margin retail business, but great brands are worth owning when they are down.

Here is my trade idea on Whole Foods, which I own at the moment.